Thursday, February 26, 2009

Feb. 26 food

calories in parentheses

Brekky: smoothie (270). 0.5 oz brazil nuts (93). (363)

Lunch: spinach-mango smoothie (302), apple (95), two carrots (50). (447)

Dinner: oatmeal (303) + berries&banana (179) + 0.5 oz walnuts (93). another carrot (25).  kiwi (46). snacked on arugula (12) while making housemate's smoothies and orange juice. Put too much juice in housemate's smoothie, so had to eat some (70). (728)

took my supplements. DHA has 9 calories

Total calories 1559, protein 39 g (8%), carbs 284 g (68%), fat 42g (24%).

I feel that I ate plenty today, though I was hungry by dinner time. I could either eat more for lunch or eat an earlier dinner and then a snack before bed. Fuhrman is against snacking but he's also against overfilling yourself. I could eat more for breakfast. I'm thinking of changing my smoothie recipe again. more on that later.

I ate a lot of greens in the smoothies (was out much of the day from early in the morning, so smoothies were easy to prepare the day before and take with me); so I thought, I could have oatmeal at dinner. I am not excited by grains anymore. Oatmeal by itself is quite bland. Vegetables and fruit, on the other hand, all have taste. Even bland-looking white cauliflower has a very nice taste all by itself (when cooked anyway, I'm not a big raw cauli fan though I have to admit I haven't tried it in a while, okay I will try it tomorrow). So you have to flavor the oatmeal. Well, I'd just as soon eat the stuff that flavors it, the fruit and nuts, and then have something else like my favorite apple-cabbage dish--at least while I can still afford all these expensive items. I do realize grains are cheap. So I'll have them when I get poor---that'll happen soon enough (I've always worried about that since I have a fun but insecure job).

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