Friday, February 27, 2009

feb. 27 food

Brekky:   spinach-mango smoothie, 0.5 oz brazil nuts

Lunch:  steamed kale with a sesame-rutabaga sauce.  This is one of my all-time favorite dishes, which probably indicates that I am very weird.  fruit salad, 2 carrots.  part of a smoothie when I was making a new batch to freeze.

Dinner:  big easy salad, two baked beets.  an apple.  I wasn't hungry by the time I got to the apple but I ate it anyway and it was delicious.  The beets were like dessert (top right in the picture).  I just ate them as is after baking them in their skins.  Yum!   The salad had lots of lettuce and arugula, some edamame and corn, 4 olives (unsalted!) cutup, yellow and orange bell pepper, and 1 Tbsp Dr. Fuhrman's D'Angou Pear vinegar.  It was really good.

took my supplements

Total calories 1551, protein 46 g (9%), carbs 278 g (66%), fat 44g (25%).

This is the same amount of calories I had yesterday.  I woke up a bit hungry this morning.  Does that mean it's not enough?  But I feel I had plenty to eat today.  I didn't get hungry for dinner until 6:30 pm.   Finished dinner at 7:30 pm.  According to some website I googled, I should eat 1800 calories per day.  But the fact that I get cold a lot means my metabolism is probably lower than average.  So maybe 1500 calories is the right amount.  

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