Monday, February 16, 2009

Feb 16 food

Brekky:  small morning smoothie

snack:  small cup of freshly made soymilk (4 oz), some raw carrots.  The soymilk was really good.  I put in 3 dates and 2 dried apricots with the soybeans.  It adds a nice sweet but not too sweet taste.  

Lunch:  steamed veggies (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower), baked sweet potato.  I made mashed potatoes for housemate (she doesn't like sweet potato).  They were really good:  boiled potato in a small amount of water with a little onion, garlic, some garden parsley from the freezer, and then as the water boiled down, added in the fresh soymilk.  Then all mashed up.
Dessert:  cherry ice cream.  this was sooo good--my favorite dessert now.

Dinner:  some raw carrots (we still have the Wisconsin carrots at the co-op and they are the best).  a salad with leftover blueberry-pomegranate dressing (see yesterday's post for a description).   apple for dessert.

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