Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Feb. 25 food

Okay today my goal was to eat more:

Brekky:  smoothie; 1 oz brazil nuts

snack at co-op:  2 essene buds (sprouted wheat berries, almonds + raisins).  they are small and they taste like a muffin, but without the unhealthy stuff.  

Lunch:  baked sweet potato, cabbage salad (2 servings), fruit salad (same as Monday's).  I ate too much cabbage salad--was mindlessly eating while on a long telecon.  

by now I was full and was up to 1100 calories I think.

Dinner:  now I wasn't so hungry even though I waited until 6:45 pm to start making it.  So I made a big salad but went easy on the ingredients.  It had lettuce and arugula, 1/3 cup peas, 1/3 cup corn (from freezer, thawed in microwave), part of a bell pepper, and olives!  These olives are dried, unsalted, uncured olives from Peru.  I got them after reading strix's post about them.  They are interesting.  They are a little bitter.  But they grow on you.  I cut up 4 of them and put them on the salad.  They are 100% fat, but it was only 30 calories.  I see why they make oil out of them!   I also put on some balsamic vinegar (Dr. Fuhrman's of course).  Here's a picture of the salad before I remembered to some yellow bell pepper:

The black pieces are the olives.   I also had a small bowl of split pea and carrot soup, 2 carrots, and 2 kiwis for dessert (I wasn't hungry by this point but these were sure good--I suddenly like kiwis).

Total calories:  1567, protein 42 g, carbs 261 g, fat 52 g (30% of total calories).

okay so I got up above 1500 calories.  But I feel like I overate at lunch (the snack and the extra cabbage salad) and maybe dinner too (mainly because of lunch).  Oh well, I do know that 1200 calories isn't enough because I was waking up hungry.  so maybe something in between is good.  

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