Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How I eat

This is the diet that makes me feel great.

Vegetables:  all that stuff in the "produce" aisle; whatever looks fresh;  boiled, steamed, baked, add an onion if you want.  A funny thing is when you cook them up and then refrigerate them, they get sweeter!   The great thing about cooking without oil is the food is great cold too.  One of my favorites is broccoli and onion.  Even well-cooked collards and onions taste sweet to me after refrigeration (not sure why that is).

Starchy vegetables:  Legumes (beans), potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, corn; and intact whole grains (intact means not ground to flour).

Salad.  Lettuce, tomato, mushroom in the summer when the tomatoes are fresh.  Cabbage, lettuce, carrots is another favorite of mine.  Top with vinegar and sunflower seeds (or avocado or any nut or seed) and 1 T ground flaxseed.  

Fruit. Sometimes I like to combine it with homemade soy yogurt or nuts. I wrote a post just about this because it's so good.

Some avocado, nuts, and seeds.

I personally don't eat dried and blended fruits, or flours of any types.  I have had times in my life when my eating was out of control, and giving up these stimulating foods has worked well for me.  I hardly eat any nuts or seeds either, since I tend to overeat them.

I prefer not to eat these foods and drugs:
salt, oil, sugar, refined grains, animal products, caffeine, chocolate, alcohol.
Despite that, some of my friends still love me, and they still invite me to restaurants and parties, and we still have fun.

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