Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Today as I rode my bike home from exercise class, the maple trees were raining seeds or whatever they are on me, the magnolias were flowering, flowers were blooming, trees were sprouting leaves.  It was spring at its peak.  See my biking blog for pictures.  It occurred to me that I can't remember the last time I sneezed!   I get a daily allergy forecast on email which tells me allergy levels and what it's due to.  I started subscribing a few years ago when I had seasonal allergies, before I became a crazy healthy vegan.  Right now, the pollen levels are high every day.  I have had not a symptom.  I guess I can unsubscribe to this allergy alert email!

An argument people put forth about why they don't want to eat healthy is that they want to enjoy life.  Well, maybe they should try eating healthy.   I'm totally enjoying not having allergies!


Nancy said...

Hey, that happened to me too! I have had hay fever every late spring and summer since I was a kid growing up in California. As an adult I've moved 3 times to different parts of the country and each time I'd have 3 summers free of hay fever in the new locale (while the new allergens in the area were building up I guess). Then starting the 4th summer I'd be miserable again until the cold set in and killed the ragweed etc. Since becoming vegan 3 yrs ago I've been allergy free! I should've been suffering for 3 summers now because this is the 6th year we've been in Georgia. Wow! I thought maybe I'd finally grown out of it but maybe I should credit being vegan! I'd been a big dairy eater before so there might have been a link there as well.

kneecap said...

HI Nancy, I bet begin vegan is a big help! Have you read the China study? It is an amazing indictment of animal protein, and perhaps dairy is even worse than meat. Dairy is bad news for auto-immune reactions.

Where in Georgia do you live? I lived there the first 5 years of my life--so don't remember much.

Nancy said...

I read China Study when it first came out and have used rice or almond milk ever since. Before ETL this summer I was eating cold cereal each morning with the rice milk but now I just enjoy some almond milk in my morning smoothie. I will never eat dairy again and am trying to get my family off of it.

I live in Buford,GA about 30 miles northeast of Atlanta...six years now....grew up in Southern California. I lived 20 yrs in Pennsylvania and Indiana too as an adult, but I'm glad to be back where the climate is milder. Home is CA though. ;-)