Thursday, December 27, 2012

kitchen tool

This banana slicer may or may not be useful to you but the reviews are hilarious.

Friday, December 14, 2012


It's been a festive fall/early winter.  I'm having a great start to winter, enjoying my job and my impending job transition, enjoying getting back to exercise and rebuilding strength and flexibility in my arm/wrist (broke it Sept. 26), enjoying my meditation classes and yoga classes and socializing and  pretty much everything--except today's horrible news about the shootings in Connecticut.

But moving on, I have three food-related things to share.
1) I took Colin Campbell's online Plant-Based Nutrition course this fall--that's why I stopped blogging, to make more time for the class.  It was outstanding!  It was the most scientific presentation of nutrition (with a plant-based emphasis) I've ever seen.  And I love that, being a scientist myself.  I thought I knew this stuff pretty well, having read every popular book on the subject I could get my hands on.  But I didn't, because popular books don't go into that much detail.  I'm so glad I took this course.  I have definitely modified my eating habits as a result.
2) I saw some TEDx Fremont  videos by some of our favorite plant-strong promoters.  The ones that stood out for me were Dr. Neal Barnard's and Rip Esselstyn's talks.  Barnard gave the most compelling arguments in 20 minutes I've seen for going plant-based.  and Rip is entertaining and motivating.  Dr. Lisle also talked about the pleasure trap, which is great if you haven't seen it already.  I haven't seen most of the other videos, maybe I'll check them out sometime.
3) A few days ago I started a new blog with friend Hojo, logging food, exercise and recipes.  Why a new one?  for the fun of it.  and to include Hojo.  and because my eating program has changed somewhat so my recipes are different and this will be less confusing to me.   Here is the blog:

Have a good weekend!