Friday, March 21, 2014

crazy busy

Sorry I haven't posted lately.  I have three part-time jobs and I'm trying to remain calm.  Today was the first day I felt overwhelmed and cranky.   I've been enjoying lots of easy food and minimal prep and have had lots of things I wanted to share, like eating similar things for a few days at a time to save time, and various surprisingly good veggie combos made from whatever was on special at the co-op and whatever was on hand.  I've taken pictures occasionally.   I'll try to post more soon.  maybe sunday.  Tomorrow I'll be gone from 8 am until 10 pm.  I have 2 potlucks.  Tonight I cooked up a bunch of sweet potatoes and some broccoli.  It was really easy.  I'll take them to both potlucks along with some butter and maple syrup--for everyone else.  I suppose I should bring some salt too for them to put on their broccoli.  okay I'd better go try to sleep.