Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Opportunity to Participate in a Research Study

I signed up to participate in a "Nutritarian Women's Health Study" run by the Nutritional Research Foundation.   If you follow a Nutritarian lifestyle (Dr. Fuhrman's plan) and want to participate, go to this link.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New Bright Line Eating Bootcamp starting in October

In case you are interested in this weight loss program, you can watch the 4-part video series here that introduces the program.  This link takes you to the 4rth video which has links to the other three.  About 10 minutes into the video, is the registration button if you want to register.  It's a great bootcamp:


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Monkey Bar Gym 60-Day Challenge

I had to cancel my planned backpacking trip due to an injury of my travel companion.  To keep me motivated for next year, I joined a 60-day challenge at my gym.  It's fun.  And the best thing of all is that the gym owner promotes a whole-foods plant based diet.  You get points for attending classes and improving fitness, but I think you can score the most points for each day that is plant-perfect. Is that cool or what?  We also get points for logging our food.  We can do it simply by just writing down what we eat but they also suggest we could use myfitnesspal.  So I started doing that just for the challenge.  You can see my food logs there--I'm barbarawhitney182.  I don't know if I want to lose weight or not.  I'm at Dr. Fuhrman's recommended weight but I still have a tummy.  But maybe that's just life for a 55 year old who weighed 30 lbs more a year ago.   I think I won't focus on the weight, just staying on my food plan and scoring points with the exercise classes.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Updating the Blog

I’ve updated my links to the right to reflect my current thinking.  I now believe that healthy fat is an important part of my diet so I took off the links to sites that promote extremely low-fat diets.  I’ve recently discovered some vegan Registered Dieticians (RDs) whose recommendations fit very well with my experience and make a lot of sense to me.  I’ve read the new edition of Becoming Vegan by Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina, and think that is an excellent resource for anyone who is vegan.   I’m still exploring these sites.  The Reasonable Vegan site is not even about health.  Even though my blog is about health, I’m an ethical vegan first and this blog has many articles of interest for me.  This reminds me that I have noticed that most of the vegans I know are not any healthier than the general population and I’m concerned that some appear to be less healthy.  I think many vegans lack some knowledge of simple ways to make their diet much more healthy.  I think it’s important for us to thrive on a healthy diet so we don’t feel the need to go against our core values and start consuming animal products again.   The Vegan RD website has a few easy-to-read articles that tell you pretty much all you need to know to get enough protein and calcium, and to thrive on a healthy diet.

I'm also updating some of my featured posts that are linked at right.  It will take a few days to get through all of those.


This is a fun lunch I make for housemate.

2 corn tortillas
some beans seasoned with chili & cumin powder
little bit of tomatoes chopped
little bit of cilantro chopped
little bit of lime juice
little bit of avocado

Use these to make the shells:

My tortillas are in the freezer.  I thaw for 10 sec in the microwave, then smash them between two of these pans and heat in the oven (350 F) for, say 10 minutes, then take the top pan off and toast for, say 5 minutes--the longer the better without burning.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Training Plan

I am hoping to do a backpacking trip this fall.  There is a situation out of my control that may cause me to cancel.  But in the hopes I can go, I've started training.  Here is my training plan.  The top table is a plan, the bottom, what I actually do.  I'm having fun doing it.  MBG is Monkey Bar Gym, where I go for exercise class.  Devil's Lake is a state park with some 500 ft bluffs.  That's as steep as it gets around here.  I do a 5 mile walk around the lake climbing 2 bluffs.  It's very pretty.

Update:   The trip was cancelled.  But I'm hoping to go in 2016.  I should be in even better shape by then.  I'll keep training.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Am I a Food Addict?

Someone asked me if I really consider myself to be a food addict.  Here is what I think:  yes.  I developed patterns of behavior that became ingrained in my brain and that I think can be classified as addictive.  Susan Peirce Thompson uses an analogy of the neurons laying river beds in your brain for these behaviors.  I am now developing new healthier patterns and new river beds, but the old river beds are still there, and it would be very easy to drop back into them, more easy than someone who has never developed these behavior patterns.  What are some of these behaviors?  Because I choose to follow a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet with little added salt, oil or sugar, I eat differently from most people and I deny myself many foods that everyone else around me eats.  Many times in the past, this has set up the dangerous diet mentality that leads to all kinds of unhealthy behaviors.  If I did deviate and go off-plan, I would say, “Shit, I blew it, I’ll restart tomorrow.  Well, I may as well to eat everything I’m not supposed to eat for the rest of the day."  Fortunately, I haven’t done that in over 140 days.  And most fortunately, I currently don't have any desire to eat what everyone else is eating, and I'm very satisfied with my own food.  However, I have crossed the quantities and meals "bright lines" (the other two are no sugar and flour) 5 times, and in 4 of those cases, I ate nuts and fruit beyond fullness. I consider this to be addictive eating behavior because I had that same binge mentality ("I blew it, I'll restart tomorrow") and I ate beyond fullness.  So I still have some issues to work on, but I think there is hope for me with this plan.  On the positive side, the last time I behaved perfectly normally, realizing I had made a mistake (was tasting some food for a backpacking trip--should have counted it with my meal) and I just got right back on plan immediately.  That makes me hopeful.