Sunday, September 10, 2017

Walk to Farmer's market

While some of my friends are battling hurricanes, others fires, and others are going to church, we're having a beautiful day in Wisconsin and I chose the outdoors as my church, by walking to the Farmer's Market, 2.5 miles away.  Part of the route goes through a nature conservancy, which is nice.  I took my big backpack because I am not good at moderation in my produce purchases.  It weighed 29 lbs when I arrived home, LOL!   Here are some pictures of our very enjoyable morning.

I spied an apple tree in the conservancy and batted a nice juicy apple down with my hiking stick.

At the market

Heading home, turtles!

Pack full of produce!
 29 lbs!  and this was after going to another farmer's market yesterday, LOL.

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sp1452 said...

Omgosh I didn't realize you do all of. You are so ready for the A.T. You will love it. And if you finish which I believe you will then I bet you would do the triple crown. You got this. It's beautiful and the most pleasant people will be on the trail. Talk to Barbara as Shen still hikes all the time and she has to be like 86 years old now. And I know other who does have someone who doesn't want to hike but go with them n they drive from one point to the other and meet them along the way.