Sunday, August 17, 2008

Side Benefits of Eating Healthy

1.  Clean up of dishes is easy when you don't cook with animal products or oil.   Doesn't even require soap.   This makes camping trips much easier.
2.  Without animal products, the kitchen and refrigerator are now cleaner than your toilet!  (meat and dairy and eggs are the biggest source of bacteria and viruses in your house by far).
3.  On a similar note, so you leave out your leftovers for a few hours, no big deal when it's all plant food, which makes it easier to travel with too.
4.  If you are feeling lazy, don't even bother to cook your vegetables, just call it a salad and congratulate yourself on your healthy raw meal.
5.  My arms look good in a tank top.   It's kind of fun for a 48 year old.

Well, so far this is kind of boring.  Hopefully I'll think of something else to add.


Nancy said...

Others side benefits could be reduced/zero risk for E.coli, Salmonella, Mad Cow Disease, and Mercury Poisening. Another is No guilt or lecture from the doctor when she does your bloodwork because your numbers are fabulous. And another side benefit is more $$ and room in your medicine chest since you don't need the prescriptions and OTC drugs anymore....come to think of it your grocery bill must be less than it used to be too. Meat and cheese can be expensive!

kneecap said...

Good points! Though I guess we can still get Mad Cow from our (mine, anyway) previous years of eating meat. Regarding groceries, I do spend a lot at the grocery store, but I don't spend much at restaurants and coffee shops, and I spend nothing on medicine. Plus there is that priceless value of my health, well worth the cost of the organic fruit and berries I enjoy.