Saturday, August 23, 2008

aug. 23 food

Breakfast, what else:  smoothie

Snack:  delicious ripe peach!   they've been hit or miss lately (sometimes mealy), but this was a hit.

Lunch:  what else:  corn on the cob (only a few more weeks of corn season!) with avocado spread, and cabbage salad.

Snack:  delicious ripe peach.  all gone now, sadly

Dinner:  watermelon & cabbage salad.  the watermelon was not very good.  first bad one.  it was seedless and had too much white stuff in it, not sure what that is.

Exercise:  jog 3 miles.  I tried out my new heart monitor.  it didn't work due to operator error.  I'll get it to work next time.  I think this will be fun because my heart is so much healthier than it used to be.

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