Thursday, August 28, 2008

food aug 28

breakfast:  smoothie

snack:  decaff cafe americano (a shot of expresso and water), and soy milk.  

lunch:  corn on the cob with avocado spread, boiled potatoes and sweet peas with chives and basil (boiled in a small amount of water so nothing was left and hopefully vitamins remained with the veggies), fruit salad consisting of banana, strawberries, and fresh cut pineapple.  yummy

dinner:  leftover black bean salad, watermelon (yum!), and pluot, and an orange.  I was in the mood for fruit after realizing yesterday that the summer fruit and vegetables are going to be gone soon!

I worked with a colleague at a coffee shop this morning and started off with an herbal tea, and then couldn't resist the coffee.  It was very good, but I felt the caffeine even though it was decaff.  I prefer how I feel without it.  Geez, I am so boring now, not liking caffeine and alcohol.  I'm worried about my upcoming trip to Heidelberg where I will be hanging out with friends who have enjoyed drinking beer with me for many years.  I will probably drink and then I will feel yucky in the morning.  What should I do?  

An interesting thing happened with my eating habits.  I changed my schedule around because I have so much work to do and I'm more productive in the morning.  So I moved my exercise routine to the afternoon.  That seems to regulate my eating very well.  I'm not snacking.  I can't eat too much at lunch because I don't want to be full while exercising.  I hope I keep it up.  However, I might lose too much weight without the snacking.  If that happens, I'll figure out something.  I certainly won't mind eating more!  I'll just have to figure out when.

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