Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Ingredients for 1 serving (increase as needed for more):

1/2 cup oats
water (usually about twice as much as the oats).
chopped walnuts  (say, 1-2 Tbsp per serving)
chopped apple or pear if you have one (optional)
raisins or chopped figs for sweetening
soy milk or other non-dairy milk (optional)
berries (optional)
chopped spinach (optional--yes, it is good!)

Cook the oatmeal until it tastes how you like it.  I like it well-cooked so I often go 30 minutes for the steel cut oats.  Or better than that, if you have time, let it get hot or boil, then soak for 20-whatever minutes, and then it will cook quicker and taste better.   Add more water or soy milk as it gets too thick.  Stir a lot at the beginning to prevent clumping.   About half-way through you can add the fruit and nuts and raisins and soy milk and spinach.  When the oatmeal is done, add the berries---if frozen, add them earlier.  

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