Saturday, August 16, 2008

aug 16 food

We have guests this weekend and they eat so differently from me it's actually easy because I just eat what I want and they eat what they want.

Breakfast:  smoothie
The guests also had a bagle and butter and cream cheese

Lunch:  3 pieces of corn on the cob (the third was too much), finished the tofu jambalaya (too much), piece of watermelon.  some cherries.  some mushrooms and bites of my dinner salad while preparing food.   I overate!
The guests had brats (bratwursts) on buns and Italian potato salad (same as regular but has pesto instead of eggs, so both mayonnaise and oil) and corn on the cob with butter and salt.

Dinner:  1 beer, cabbage salad
The guests had fried cheese curds and large turtle sundaes at the custard shop.  I took my salad to the custard shop. 

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