Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Aug. 7-13 food

Well, I can't recount everything I ate for the last 6 days.  I had an out-of-town guest for several days and we visited some friends for a couple of days.   We ate well most of the time.  We splurged on soy lattes (decaff for me) and Nothing Muffins from the co-op.  And too much beer.  It took me a couple of days to recover from both the alcohol and caffeine (large decaff lattes have enough caffeine to affect me).  We went out to restaurants twice.  At one restaurant, we got a vegetarian burrito which was filled with a lot of good vegetables--reasonably healthy, though we also ate tortilla chips.  At the other restaurant, we had scrambled tofu and American fries and blueberry pie!  So a fair amount of oil and salt there.   But I enjoyed it and can't say I regret it.  The only thing I didn't enjoy was how I felt the next morning after drinking.  I am fine after one drink, okay after 2, and noticeably tired after 3.  I just can't handle alcohol very well anymore, maybe due to my age or the lack of caffeine to counter the alcohol.  Other than the splurges, we had the usual stuff, fresh sweet corn and veggies and fruit for the big meal of the day, salads with berries and fruit while staying with our friends (who weren't warned I was a vegan so it was easier for everyone that I brought food---no one was offended as far as I could tell).

I'm back to my usual summer routine which right now is smoothie for breakfast, corn and veggies for lunch, melons and fruits and salads or green smoothies for snacks and dinner, and a few oz of walnuts/seeds per day (mostly in smoothies or salad dressings).   For example, today I had steamed beets, sweet potato and kale with the corn.  The veggies were seasoned with rosemary, parsley and chives from the garden.   The salads and greens and mushrooms have more protein per calorie than fruit so I'm trying to change the ratios a bit, since I'm working out a lot.    I'm also cutting back a little on the quantities since I have been eating well past fullness which isn't healthy.   That's partly because I buy too much fruit at the store and feel that I need to eat it before it goes bad, so I just need to buy a little less.  

I'm pretty busy with work so probably can't blog every day anymore.  I'm going to have several more guests in the next few weeks.  I probably should log that a bit because that's the hardest thing for people to deal with.  I'm actually kind of tired of splurging so don't really feel like it right now, in part because it pushes out the healthy stuff and I'm having fun with my fitness routines.  But we'll see how I do with all the visitors.   

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