Saturday, August 30, 2008

food aug 30

breakfast:  smoothie

snack:  1/4  musk melon.  sadly, it wasn't very good so I probably only ate half of it.  juicy Colorado peach.

Late lunch:  corn on the cob and avocado spread, cabbage salad.

snack:  juicy Colorado peach
dessert:  orange

I made 3 batches of pesto and snacked a lot on the ingredients while making it.  So I ate quite a lot today.  But that's okay,  I don't want to get too skinny.  It took two hours to make the pesto.  But I was listening to Prairie Home Companion and I made 12 containers, so that's 12 easy meals, so a worthwhile investment of my time.

exercise:  jog 3 miles.  I tried out my heart monitor and this time it worked.  First I checked my resting pulse while sitting on the couch:  46!   It still astounds me because before I went vegan it was 70.  Then when I jogged, it got up to 152 after about 5 minutes and didn't vary much around that, even going up the hill at the end.  I think I must just vary my speed to get a comfortable breathing rate.   According to this website, my target heart rate should be between 120 and 155 if I'm in really good shape and doing vigorous exercise.  I wouldn't say that was vigorous.  I think my heart just beats fast when I exercise.  I have a heart murmur (mitral valve prolapse) so maybe my blood flow is not as efficient.  But then you'd think my resting rate would be faster too.  I wonder why the target heart rate goes down as you age.

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