Saturday, August 16, 2008

Aug 14-15 food

two days worth of food that were similar so I'll combine them into one.  

breakfast was the usual smoothie.

On thursday I made tofu jambalaya, from Susan Voison's blog, but I changed several of the ingredients because I didn't feel like going grocery shopping for just a few things.  I didn't have celery and my green peppers were small, but I did have kohlrabi and there was a can of water chestnuts in the cupboard (my only can, besides a leftover can of beans from a trip!).  so I threw those in to replace the celery and supplement the small green pepper from the garden.   I also used herbs from the garden, oregano, thyme, basil, instead of the recommended spices because how can you pass up on fresh herbs?   It's hard to ruin jambalaya and this was no exception, tasted great.  I also don't bother with tomato sauce.  I had two canned tomatoes (the last from last years garden!)  and I added a few more tomatoes from the garden.  Otherwise I pretty much followed Susan's recipe.  Oh wait, I also used a wild/brown rice combo instead of white, and I didn't bother to fry anything up, just threw stuff in the pot as I chopped it, starting with the rice since that takes longest to cook.  I let it cook for at least an hour to make sure the rice cooked, adding water as needed.  So I didn't follow the recipe much at all, but it was great anyway, and easy.    So I had that for lunch the last two days and it should last through today too.

Dinner on Thursday was a green smoothie and nectarine and pluot (cross of plum and apricot).  and I snacked a bit more on some cherries and jambalaya, and maybe some kohlrabi, I forget.  I probably overate, what's new.

Dinner on Friday was a quick salad made from lettuce and salad mix, kohlrabi, beet, part of sweet potato, carrot, and half an avocado.   It was enjoyable.  It must have been inspired by talking to my raw vegan friend the day before.     I actually didn't overeat on Friday.  That is a first.  I ate that salad while we were at a frozen custard shop with our weekend guests.   They had large turtle sundaes (vanila custard, like soft ice cream, pecans, caramel and hot fudge topping).  Most people would think that is weird,  but I was in the mood for the salad.  Dairy products don't interest me anymore so I don't feel deprived about not getting frozen custard.  I have my own splurges I can do anytime if I want to.   Like "nothing" muffins and vegan chocolate chip cookies from my co-op grocery store.  But I'm not in the mood for those right now either.  But that will change, ha.

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