Saturday, August 16, 2008

Aug 15 rambling

I was a model healthy vegan the last two days.  I wonder how that happened.   There might be something to my switching my schedule around a bit.  Work is really going to be busy for me for the next few months and, well, my productivity of late would not cut it, so I decided to switch my schedule around and put work first, a philosophy I normally would object to.  So I've been starting work the moment I get up, and then exercising in the afternoon.  And I got a lot of work done, so it worked.  In the past I didn't do this because I wasn't disciplined enough to stop work and go to the gym.  But maybe now I'm so hooked on the gym I can do it.  It wasn't just discipline, it was not having the guts to tell people (usually students) I don't have anymore time for them because it's time to go to they gym.  Another strange thing that happened with this schedule is I stopped snacking.   I'm not as hungry in the morning and then after lunch I don't want to eat because I'll be working out in a few hours.  So I go 6-7 hours between lunch and dinner and don't feel hungry (according to Dr. Fuhrman, when you eat a healthy diet and you don't have all these toxins in your body, you don't detox in between meals and you can go a long time without eating--I never was sure I believed this but I am starting to--I no longer get the headachy tiredness in between meals).  So for the last two days I was actually hungry at dinner.  I feel a little hungry at 4 pm but I think that's just my stomach emptying out a bit and at 5-6 pm I'm still not hungry.    Who knows how long this will last but it worked for two days, ha.   

Here's another story.  At the co-op the other day I ran into a guy who is more extreme than me!  He's a healthy raw vegan.   Note all three words together.  Most raw vegans eat a bunch of olive oil, which is not healthy.  We ended up  chatting for about an hour.  I'd like to chat with him some more.  It's nice to feel a little camaraderie.  And I think he's right for the most part.  I think raw eating is easier in many ways and maybe more healthy.   But I haven't yet read a raw book that is scientifically sound.  But I think their instincts might be right--they are in tune with their bodies unlike medical researchers, and just know that they feel better eating this way.  I think I feel better when I eat raw.  Then the only problem is they make up silly pseudo science to back up their claims and they sound stupid.  I'm not sure there's anything to all that enzyme stuff they talk about.  At least that's what Dr. Fuhrman says.  But Fuhrman recommends beans every day and I am feeling that this doesn't work for me very well.  I think those raw people might be on to something.  Some day maybe real science will back them up.  So I might try doing more raw stuff.  When I was at the golf tournament and ate raw for 5 days, I felt fantastic.  And I can still follow Fuhrman's advice eating raw, just not include the beans.  Maybe I'll ask him about it.   Well, this was going to be a food log post, but instead I've rambled, so I'll stop the post here and make another one.

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