Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Eating while traveling

Here's how I'm eating on the road.  I'm traveling by car with my instant pot so can eat however I want.  I don't want to spend much time with food prep while vacationing.  Here is the food I prepped for the next 3 days:

Salad (two large bowls per day):  organic greens (1 4 oz box for each day), organic mini-bell peppers, organic cucumber (one for each day).  These were the nicest looking organic vegetables in the Safeway grocery store.   They also had organic baby carrots and organic sugar snap peas that looked fresh.  It was quite a good selection I thought.

Cooked veggies for breakfast.  This was mostly frozen and not organic:  onion,  sweet potato (this was the one fresh item), collards, spinach, okra, brussels sprouts, corn.  This will be a filling breakfast!
Then I have canned beans in the car to eat as needed.  And the hotel sometimes has good-looking bananas at their free breakfast.  I didn't see any fruit at the store that made me want it.  But I probably just didn't look hard enough.  I usually can't resist cut up watermelon.

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