Saturday, May 6, 2017

Day 9

I just wanted to update that a few days ago I ate too many pumpkin seeds.  That was the day I was without power and didn't have any cooked food so ate lots of fruit, and then started eating the seeds.  That wasn't necessary as I had plenty of canned beans.  I ate at most 3 oz.  So it wasn't a binge.  But I could feel the compulsion.   It was an out of sorts day food wise--more fruit than I'd like, less veggies.  Still I was using that as an excuse to eat more seeds.  It's funny, I'll eat anything to excess, so it may as well be LOTRL (left of the red line, that's UWL talk, Chef AJ's program).   I threw out the rest of the seeds and am happily eating UWL again.

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Anonymous said...

Snack foods are very tricky. Sounds like you are working out a good solution. Kristi