Saturday, February 21, 2009

big easy salad

Not a New Orleans salad, just big and easy.  (note:  I changed the recipe so some of my old posts aren't accurate)

lots of lettuce
lots of arugula (optional but I love it)
1/2 orange or red bell pepper
1/3 cup frozen sweet peas & 1/3 cup frozen corn  (or 1/2 cup sweet peas; or whatever you want!)
1/2 cup frozen edamame (more  fat and protein than the peas & corn)
4 sun dried peruvian olives (unsalted, uncured), when in season (I just ordered a case)
1 Tbsp Dr. Fuhrman's vinegar (these are sooo goood--I try a different flavor each time)

cut up the olives into small pieces and soak in the vinegar (could do this all afternoon or for 5 minutes while preparing the salad, I usually do the latter).  Microwave the peas and corn in a little water for 30-60 seconds to thaw.  Chop the lettuce so you can fit more onto the plate.  Add the olives and vinegar so it mixes in with the lettuce and arugula first.  Chop and add the pepper.  Add the peas and corn.  If you want more fat, add some ground sunflower seeds.  Yummy!

total calories:  172, protein 7 g (15%), carbs 28 g, fat 4 g (21%).  version with 1/3 cup peas and 1/3 cup corn

total calories:  188, protein 12 g (23%), carbs 20 g, fat 7 g (34%).  version with 1/2 cup edamame, no peas & corn.


Strix said...

You're doing great, barb! Steady as she goes...

You should listen to (or maybe you have?) Dr. Fuhrman's August 13, 2008 Teleconference. He talks about the cravings and "fullness" issues, toxic hunger vs. true hunger, etc.

I often re-listen to teleconferences to refresh my memory! The repetition is good. It's good to set habits too! Looks like you're doing great on that front: just get that pattern going and it becomes automatic if you do it long enough. It's great to be on auto-pilot with some things :)

kneecap said...

thanks strix! I have listened to the telecons but maybe it's time for a review. I was thinking of rereading ETL too.

Strix said...

Actually, November, 2006 Teleconference is better to listen to first :D. It's my favorite and redirected my ETLing!

I need to re-read too; I can't find mine! I just noticed the other day that there is a "revised" ETL, e-book in the Announcement section! I emailed them to see how to get it; haven't heard back yet.

kneecap said...

Hi Strix,

I listened to the November 2006 telecon. You are right, that is a good one. Thanks for the tip! I've heard it before but still learned some new things. For example, another reason for not eating between meals in addition to giving your body a chance to detox is that your gallbladder and other digestive organs need a chance to replenish their enzymes to better digest the next meal.

Interesting about the revised ETL book. I'll have to check...