Saturday, February 28, 2009

cherry banana ice cream


1 bag frozen cherries (10 oz)
1 banana
1 oz walnuts or cashews (raw)
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup pomegranate juice or soy milk (I'm guessing, I don't usually measure, add more if you find you need it)
2 tsp Dr. Fuhrman's cocoa powder (optional--I put 1 tsp in housemate's, left it out of mine)

Combine the nuts and liquid in the blender first. Blend until smooth. If you need more volume for the blender to work, add some of the cherries. Then add the rest of the ingredients and blend. You'll need to work with the plunger to blend it. A powerful blender is required.

Note: I rarely make it with the cocoa powder because I'm sensitive to the caffeine. It's great without it.

Serves 2 (about 3/4 cup per serving)
Calories per serving: 186; protein 3g, carbs 36g, fat 5 g (24%).

For fun, compare this to Haagen-Daaz cherry vanilla ice cream
serving size 1/2 cup (note: that is smaller than my ice cream!)
Calories: 260, protein 4 g, carbs 23g, fat 15 g (58%)

Since I don't eat dairy, I can't do a taste test, but I like how mine tastes.


Shez said...

I'm going to try this recipe this weekend. My son asked me to make a black forest "ice cream" and my recipe has a cup of maple syrup. Not exactly ETL. This is also much less work as my recipe requires the Vitamix and an ice cream machine.

kneecap said...

I made it for guests on Sunday and will make it for guests again on Friday! Let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement! For guests, I'll probably add more cashews and some date sugar to the soy milk (my soy milk is homemade and unsweetened). With the pom. juice, you don't really need added sweetener. hmm, I'm not sure which tastes better, pom juice or soy milk...

kneecap said...

oh, you do have to eat it quickly or it melts. maybe your recipe made with the ice cream machine is thicker and has longer staying power. :)

kneecap said...

Oh, I just edited the recipe to suggested blending the nuts and liquid first to make it more smooth. I meant to do that after making it on Sunday.