Sunday, February 8, 2009


Tomorrow I go to Portugal, return on Sat.  I'm going to bring fruit and a bag of baby herb salad mix and some nuts for the trip out.  I will pack nuts and 3 cans of garbanzo beans in my suitcase.  Then I will eat salad and fruit for the rest.  I told my host I have dietary restrictions so he's going to take me grocery shopping when I get there.  I probably will just have to get fruit if I don't have a fridge.  and then I can find salads at restaurants hopefully.    Oh I will bring some D'Angou pear vinegar too.  It should work out fine.  The beans and nuts fruit will give me enough calories, plus I probably won't be very physically active--not sure what the exercise opportunities will be, and I'll be jetlagged.  I hope to go to a winery and try just a bit of port.  I hope it's just a bit because I don't handle alcohol very well.  


Mary said...

Bon Voyage, Barb! However, if I were you, I'd definitely try the National Dish: Bacalhao (a tasty stew of salt cod w/veggies & potatoes, usually, and, why not try some vinho other than just port? What the heck!

kneecap said...

Hi Mary, um, I think I'll pass on the salt cod, but I'll check out some vinho if i get a chance. But that brings up a question: does every country have a national dish?

mycrunchylife said...

Have a great trip Barb! It sounds like you're really well prepared.