Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jan. 31 food

Brekky:   small morning smoothie.  celery with raw almond butter.  4 chocolate date nut pop'ems.  oops!   Well, it was a long time between breakfast and lunch so that turned out okay.

Lunch:  carrot and red lentil soup (recipe from the Fuhrman forums, soup from the freezer) over some frozen veggies (before the grocery store run--was in the mood for kale but didn't have any).  2 small oranges for dessert.  snacked on raw carrots while preparing

Dinner:  kale and celeriac/turnip sauce (after the grocery store).  This was yummy.  Dessert:  fruit salad.   snacked on raw carrots while preparing.   

Both housemate and I noticed extra activity in our digestive system overnight (i.e., gas).  So I wonder if it was the combination of the lunch (lentils) and dinner (celeriac??).  Normally one bowl of beans a day, as in the lentil soup, isn't a problem for me.  

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Mary said...

Barb. The digestive problems originate from the kale. I had the same reaction. One night we just had roasted root veggies for dinner with kale salad. Only, I was the one who ate essentially all of the (raw) kale salad, and I was the one with the digestive problems later on that night. Lesson: it's better to cook kale fairly thoroughly to avoid digestive troubles... (I guess).