Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feb. 24 food

Brekky:  smoothie, 0.5 oz brazil nuts

Lunch:  Cabbage salad, baked sweet potato, steamed broccoli and cauliflower.  and skin of housemate's baked potato--I like potato skins.  This was a really good lunch.  The cabbage salad was really good and I love baked sweet potatoes.  Here's a picture:

Dinner:  Okay, I thought I needed more calories to I tried to eat a lot:  cabbage salad, 2 baked beets (sooo goood!), arugula with edamame and vinegar (super easy and good!), a kiwi, a small orange.    I just baked the beets at 350 for 1.5 hours, and ate them after they cooled.  I didn't bother to peel them, just cut off the ends and ate them with my fingers--the peels protected them from the beet juice.   I'm going to be eating a lot more baked beets.  I love them, and they are still local in Wisconsin.   Here's an ugly picture of the half-eaten dinner, showing the cabbage salad and beet.

Here's a prettier picture of the arugula and edamame.

Total calories:  1274.  ack!   protein 37 g, carbs 207 g, fat 44 g (31%).    This does not seem to be enough calories.  I was hungry at dinner time but I'm supposed to be.  I am not hungry at 10 pm.  Maybe I just need fewer calories than I thought.  Maybe this explains why I am on the thin side.  My fat intake was reasonably high (a good thing) because of the walnuts in the cabbage salad.  So I probably had 2.5-3 oz of nuts and seeds.  Should I try to eat more calories?   The way to do that would be to eat grains.  But I think grains are boring and take time to cook.   Maybe I could have some oatmeal with dinner.  I'd be willing to do that. 


Howard Veit said...

1200-1300 calories per day does seem a bit low. Is this the aftermath of your bout with stomach upset, or is this a normal amount of calories for you? Sounds like you are doing well on this regimen. This would, I suspect, qualify as calorie restriction leading to a very long life, if you can maintain it.

kneecap said...

This is normal well-behaved intake. But it might explain my past over-indulgences, if I wasn't getting enough calories from the 3 meals. I'm not ready for calorie restriction. I just want to determine a healthy eating pattern. I think I should be up to 1500 calories at least. I'll work on it. Right now I'm eating an entire ounce of brazil nuts!