Friday, February 27, 2009

another morning smoothie

This is almost the same as my original morning smoothie but adds a bag of spinach (substitutes for some of the juice).

Ingredients for 2 servings:
1 banana
1 package frozen mixed berries or cherries (10 oz bag)
8 oz pomegranate juice
8 oz soy milk or pomegranate juice or water
2 Tbsp flaxseeds
2 Tbsp sunflower seeds
1  5-oz bag of spinach
1.5 ml DHA
Osteo-Sun (vitamin D and some calcium)

Blend half the liquid, seeds, vitamins, and spinach. Add the rest of the liquid, berries and banana, and blend some more.  Makes two 18-oz servings.  I freeze one of them for the next day (plastic glass with foil on top or water bottle).   I got tired of trying to remember to take all those darn vitamins so I am now putting them in the smoothie.  It seems like a lot of vitamins but they are actually a lower dose than most, except for the vitamin D which is typical. 

If you want a treat, it's really sweet with cherries and all juice (my soymilk is unsweetened)  

Total calories per serving: 335. Protein: 10 g. Carbs: 55 g. fat: 12 g (31%)


Anonymous said...

I never thought of putting vitamins in smoothies! I wonder if it would increase absorption... How does it taste?

kneecap said...

I can't taste them at all! I don't know about absorption. But it sure is easier than taking pills. I recommend it!