Saturday, February 28, 2009

Feb. 28 food

Brekky: another smoothie--I'm tweaking the recipe.  This one has more greens than before.  I also want to have less of the pomegranate juice.  Even though it's healthy, I don't like buying those bottles and then recycling them.  I think this is the only food I buy in a container now!   It will be a while before I run out, but when I do, I don't think I'll be buying it on a regular basis anymore.   0.5 oz brazil nuts

snacks:  I was gone until 3 pm and doing physical labor so had a lot of snacks:  an apple, 3 carrots and 2 essene buds that I brought.  plus an apple, 2 oranges, some carrots and celery sticks that others brought.  

Late Lunch/early dinner:  baked sweet potato.  apple-cabbage dish.  I still love this dish.  It is so easy to make and so good.

Dessert:  cherry banana ice cream.  My new favorite ice cream--super simple.  I added cocoa to housemate's and I think that was even better.  I've been avoiding chocolate because of the caffeine but I might make an exception for this.  Maybe 1.5 tsp of cocoa powder is low enough caffeine...or I could remember to add vanilla next time and then I won't want the cocoa.

took my supplements.

Total calories 1520, protein 30 g (6%), carbs 319 g (77%), fat 28 g (17%).

I didn't wake up hungry today.  Maybe this is the right amount of calories for me even though the websites I googled tell me I need more.  Does menopause give you lower metabolism?  I've had a lot of skipped periods lately (yeah!).  


Strix said...

barbie, have you ever made your own essene? It's easy-peasy!

kneecap said...

No, I would love to know how! Does it involve sprouting? I have not learned this yet. still intimidated by it.


Strix said...

Yep. It's just sprouted grain with dried fruit,usually. Very easy. You'd need a dehydrator or to be able to get your oven really low in order not to kill it, haha. But, a lot of the ones in stores aren't raw, and they don't have to be.