Monday, February 2, 2009

Feb. 2 food

Brekky:  wasn't hungry before exercise class.  ate a banana and 1 oz walnuts late in the morning.

Lunch:  lightly steamed vegetables and eggplant-chickpea hummus dip from the Fuhrman website (basically chickpea hummus but add baked eggplant to it).  For dessert I had more of the pie I made yesterday.  I made some cashew cream to go on top (cashews, soy milk or water, dates, blended up thick).   It was good but not great.  I think I'll take Howard's advice and just have trailmix for dessert, or fruit.  

Dinner:  not very hungry (dang pie), so just had some of the steamed veggies from lunch, an apple and almond butter, celery and almond butter (oops), a carrot, some handfuls of arugula, and a small orange.   Hardly any greens today--got squeezed out by the pie last night and today.


Howard Veit said...


Trail mix and fruit isn't bad...have it for dessert most every night. I am lazy and in a rut. At some point I would like to discuss McDougall versus Fuhrman to get your views.


kneecap said...

Hi Howard, sure anytime on discussing McDougall, well, after Friday at 6 pm CST when a big work deadline is passed.

Strix said...

Barb, do you eat green smoothies?

kneecap said...


yes, almost every day except this one because I wasn't hungry. I eat a small smoothie at breakfast--it's only got about 2 oz of spinach in it. Then I try to eat veggies at lunch and a salad at dinner. I just got off balance this day because of that dumb pie.