Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feb 10 food

Brekky:  morning smoothie, big bowl of chili

Then off to the airport for my trip to Portugal.  Here's what I took for the next 20 hours spent in airports or airplanes:

Lunch:  apple, banana, half my portion of nuts/seeds/dried fruit.  I made little packages that have 1 oz walnuts, 2 Tbsp sunflower seeds, and 1 Tbsp pumpkin seeds.  and some dried apples and mangos.  total is 2 oz nuts/seeds, 1/5 oz dried fruit.   also had a bunch of carrots and celery.  and half a bag of baby herb salad mix.

Dinner:  same as lunch.  

midnight snack:  (6 am Madrid time)  orange juice.

At one point, I said to myself, am I being extreme?  Then I walked through the airport and asked myself if anyone over 40 looked healthy, and the answer was no.  And I asked myself if their food looked appetizing and I said no.  So I don't care if I'm being extreme.   My food tasted good.


Howard Veit said...


It is the rest of the world that is extreme. We are doing it just right.

Have a wonderful trip!

Thanks for your comment on fat %. I have to admit that is one area where I am not 100% sure Joel is correct. I am very active and have been eating lots of nuts/seeds -- 3-4 oz. per day, sometimes more. My weight (173) has me at 24.5 BMI, which is still higher than ideal (22). I have doing ETL since last June. Now I also eat more pasta and bread than ETL calls for, I think. I would like to get my weight down to <165. I think I will have to keep the fat intake under control to get there.

But, I am not sure about the health benefits of nuts/seeds over a certain amount per day. The research is fuzzy.

Strix said...

don't worry about being extreme. It's your life; do what you want and know what is best for you. "Extreme" would be a judgment from others, and who cares what they would think about what you eat?! Haha.

Stay healthy, fellow vegan! ;^)

mycrunchylife said...

Hi Barb,
I smiled when I saw your comment "Am I being too extreme?" as I often wonder this.
Your self-talk was awesome as you reminded yourself to look for others who are 40 and looking healthy---not an easy task!
I hope you have a wonderful trip!