Monday, February 23, 2009

Feb. 23 food

Brekky:  smoothie; 0.5 oz brazil nuts

Lunch:  3 small carrots, split pea and carrot soup (see yesterday's post), fruit salad (same as yesterday).  

snack:  kiwi.  I know, I'm not supposed to snack (according to Dr. Fuhrman).  I wasn't hungry, just in the kitchen making smoothies so was around food.  but it was just a kiwi.  and it was good.

dinner:  big easy salad. this time with peas instead of edamame (since my soup had more than enough legumes in it).  0.5 oz brazil nuts.  small orange.

Total calories:  1370; protein 41 g; carbs 244 g; fat 36 g (24%).

I'll list my supplements too:  2 gentle care (vitamins), 2 osteosun (vitamin D), 1 oz DHA.  It's fun to check out the vitamin and mineral amounts in my diet too (using the CRON-o-meter program).  I'm usually over 100% on everything except B12 and D, which are 0%.   Fortunately my supplements take care of them. 

This doesn't seem like enough calories.  But I was plenty full after my meals--the soup made me feel full all day.  I had 2 oz of nuts/seeds (1 oz of brazil, 0.5 flaxseed in smoothie, 0.5 sunflower seeds in salad).  This contributed 30 grams of fat and 340 calories so I can see why they are useful for calories in addition to being healthy.  And I can see where if you eat too many you will eat a heck of a lot of calories.  I really like brazil nuts so am glad that I got to eat them.  Dr. Fuhrman recommended to me brazil nuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds to keep my heartbeat regular (described more in this post).

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