Monday, January 19, 2009

jan 19 food

Late Breakfast:  banana, apple, carrot.  full from last night.

Lunch:  cooked apple & cabbage (yummy!).   then pigged out on almonds (while making Russian fig dressing), and some dates & walnuts.  you put a walnut in a date (in place of the pit) and warm it in the microwave for a few seconds.  It's soooo good, and sooo addictive.  So I was a bad, bad veganbarbie.

Dinner:  carrot (I love Wisconsin-grown raw carrots) dipped in that Russian fig dressing (yum!), 2 oranges, a bowl of garlic & greens soup.  I was making housemate a salad and nibbled on some lettuce and red pepper dipped in the dressing.  I was totally full from this modest meal, due to my earlier pigfest on the nuts.  

I seem to go in well-behaved modes of eating, and then splurge modes.  not sure why...

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