Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jan 28 food

Brekky:  morning smoothie.  I eat this at 6:30 am so I need to eat a smaller dinner or earlier, to make sure I'm hungry.  

snack:  banana and 1 oz walnuts

Lunch:  my black eyed pea stew (from the freezer) and fruit salad.  When I stop at the store now I am drawn to the strawberries and blueberries (I stopped at the store today).  The strawberries were big, and big strawberries usually aren't as good, too much water.  But they were still good, just not fantastic.  Same with the blueberries.   Dessert:  cup of warm soymilk (freshly made).

Dinner:  Large arugula-apple salad (I used arugula, spinach and lettuce, 2 apples, and 2 Tbsp sunflower/pumpkin seeds to make it extra big).  I'm still out of D'Angou pear vinegar so I used the blood orange, which was also very good.  Snacked on carrots and celery while making it.  Dessert:  2 small valencia oranges.  I finished at 6 pm so I hope that's early enough to make me hungry tomorrow morning.

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