Saturday, July 11, 2009

zucchini-sesame sauce

This is a summer version of the tahini-rutabaga sauce (rutabagas last well into winter in Wisconsin). I didn't think to add onions. That would probably be good too.

1 zucchini (yellow or green)
2 Tbsp sesame seeds, well rinsed
juice of lemon
some water
herbs from the garden or cupboard (optional)

Cook the zucchini in a little water. It cooks fast. In fact, I'm not sure you even need to cook it but I haven't tried it raw yet. I will and edit this if it's good. Combine everything except the herbs in the blender. Blend for a while so the sesame gets ground up. It gets creamy once the sesames are all blended. It gets warm and steamy too. Add the herbs and blend for a second if you didn't chop them fine. My herbs were chives, tarragon, basil, and parsley, because that's what in the garden. This is a good sauce, really good with collard greens. Housemate liked it a lot. She's going to get irritated when she reads this because she will find out it has zucchini in it and she claims to not like it.

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