Sunday, March 1, 2009

mar. 1 food

Brekky:   smoothie, 1/2 oz brazil nuts

snack at church hospitality hour:  an apple and small piece of orange.

lunch:  3-bean chili over 1/2 cup brown rice.  I cooked the rice with some goji berries and veggizest and dulse (seaweed)  which I decided I don't like.  Now that I haven't done salt for quite a while, I don't really like the dulse anymore.  So I threw the rest out.  It was old anyway.  The goji berries were kind of a fun addition.  The chili was from a McDougall newsletter (scroll down the page to get to the chili recipe), by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.  I made it a few weeks ago and froze part of it which we are now eating.  I just had 1 cup of the chili.  I seemed to handle it okay today.  I get too bloated with too many beans.  We also had some steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.  And I ate some raw carrots while preparing.

Dinner:  big easy salad (with olives instead of apple).  1 Tbsp sunflower seeds.   a baked beet.  yum.  some raw carrots while preparing.  an orange for dessert.  The oranges haven't been good lately.  Today's version of the salad was similar to the last one I had:  lots of lettuce and arugula, some peas and corn, 4 olives (unsalted) cutup, orange and red bell pepper, and 1 Tbsp Dr. Fuhrman's spicy pecan vinegar.  

Total calories:  1426, protein 46 g (10%), carbs 266 (70%), fat 31 g (20%).   seems a bit low in calories.  This morning I woke up hungry (at 5 am even) so I'm thinking I need more calories.  But right now at 7:45 pm, I'm not hungry.  Today I wasn't as active as yesterday.  So maybe I'm okay.   I'll find out tomorrow morning when I wake up.   If I need more calories, what should I add in, nuts or sweet potatoes or grains?  My taste buds prefer the sweet potatoes.

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