Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4

Day 22 of my "diet."   Here are my food log, weight, exercise, and thoughts.

pre-exercise snack, 7:30 am.  0.15 serving of housemate's smoothie.  

breakfast, 10 am, 1 lb strawberries and homemade soy yogurt. 

lunch, about noon:   fried up (dry) some onions and mushrooms, then steam fried (water) with a bunch of asparagus and frozen sweet corn (about 1/2 cup).  added 1/3 cup beans, a salt-free seasoning (sunny paris from penny's) and cinnamon.   I added the corn at the last minute because I thought I might need more food to tide me over until dinner.  little did I know there would be...

snack at 2 pm:  a plate of fruit at a work event.  that's okay, but then...

snack at 4 pm:  after the work event, standing around talking by the snack food, I kept eating the grapes.  Grapes are a bit irresistible to me.  then there were the...

snack at 7 pm:  mulberries on the bike path!

dinner, 7 pm:  1 lb carrots (didn't need that after the fruit but me loves carrots), some blackberries (didn't need those), a salad made from spinach and bok choy, date vinegar and seed mixture.     I also ate some orange remainders while making OJ for housemate.

Nutritional information:
Calories:  about 1550; protein about 59 g, fiber 70, fat 17.

Weight:  127.6

Exercise:  swim 1.1 mile, bike commute 7 miles.

  • I'm surprised I didn't eat more calories with all that fruit.  whew.  but that's probably not going to get rid of those last two lbs so let's try to be a little bit more measured tomorrow.
  • I was going to have beans with dinner but wasn't hungry enough for that after the fruit.  I wanted my greens though, so ate a big salad.  

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