Friday, June 15, 2012

June 15

Day 33 of my "diet."    Here are my food log, weight, exercise, and thoughts.

Today is pretty similar to yesterday.

Breakfast, 7:30 am:  some spinach and greens while making housemate's smoothie; 0.15 housemate smoothie; bowl of grains and fresh local strawberries topped with a few spoonfuls of soy yogurt

lunch, noon:  I dry-fried an onion, added a small diced potato, fried that for a bit, added water, then added chopped kale and bok choy, some no-salt seasoned, let this simmer while I showered, then added some frozen corn to thaw that and cool the dish a bit.  This was really good.  Both the onions and corn added a nice sweet taste.  The dry-frying of the onions gives it a great flavor.   Same salad as yesterday:  lettuce, flaxseed, strawberries, d'angou pear vinegar.

snack, 3 pm:  sugar snap peas.
snack, 5 pm:   small bowl of grains, beans and soy yogurt.
snack, 7 pm:   2 carrots (on bike ride home)

dinner, 7:30 pm:  some orange remainders; same salad as lunch;  sliced jicama.  Dessert was a small bowl of sweet corn and jicama with a dash of d'angou pear vinegar.  

Weight:  125.6

Exercise:  mountain biked 1 hour, walked 2 miles, bike commute 7 miles.

  • lunch food prep, shower, eating, and cleanup took only 50 minutes! 

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