Saturday, June 16, 2012

June 16

Day 34 of my "diet."    Here are my food log, weight, exercise, and thoughts.

Today I was focussed on writing an essay so didn't want to concern myself much with food prep.  

Breakfast, 7:30 am:  0.15 housemate's smoothie;  smallish bowl of grains and blueberries topped with a few spoonfuls of soy yogurt.  

second breakfast?  10:30 am:  a treat!  a bowl of oil-free granola with soy milk.  see below for a discussion on this.

snack:  ate some of the fruit while prepping housemate's smoothie fruit for the week (freezing into 7 portions).  less than a cup.

lunch, 1 pm:  I grabbed some stuff from the fridge.  small baked sweet potato (baked last night);  few handfuls of sugar snap peas, 1 raw carrot, some beans on a sprouted corn tortilla.

dinner, 7:30 pm:  some orange remainders while making housemate's OJ.  a salad from lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, apple balsamic vinegar.  steamed veggies (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower), added some beans, topped with a salt-free seasoning (penzey's mural of flavor).  

Housemate had some salad and veggies too (hers had peas instead of beans).  and some leftover meatloaf.

Weight:  125.4

Exercise:  swim 1 mile, walked 1/2 mile.

  • The ingredients of the granola are:  Organic rolled oats, organic dates, organic barley flakes, maple syrup, barley malt syrup, water, walnuts & cinnamon. The nutritional info is here.  I was wondering, how much sugar am I getting (I haven't had sugar in a long time and don't want to go overboard).  I got the granola from a bulk bin so my receipt told me how much I got, which was 1.5 servings.  so I had 18 g of sugar.  That's a fair amount, equivalent to 1.5 T of maple syrup or 1.1 medjool date.  As a fraction of total calories the sugar was 20%.   So I'd have to say that wasn't that healthy.  As a fraction of total calories today, it was 5% (assuming 1400 calories, maybe I had more).  Interesting.  That's acceptable but it shows that this is definitely should be considered a treat.  Next time I could get a smaller amount, just 1 serving.  I've set 5% as a reasonable amount of play calories to have in my diet, to allow for restaurant foods and various treats.  Maybe I'll look into making my own version of this with less sweetener.
  • I ate a lot this morning and lunch, so wasn't hungry for dinner until after 7 pm.  But swimming built up my appetite.
  • I'm thinking I'm probably at or close to my ideal weight.  Maybe it's time to go into maintenance mode.  I'm not sure what will change except that I don't want to lose too much weight.  I'm very happy with what I'm eating.  I've enjoyed re-incorporating the starches and grains into my diet.  It makes food prep much easier, it tastes good, it's satisfying.  

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