Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11

Day 29 of my "diet."   Here are my food log, weight, exercise, and thoughts.

breakfast, 8 am: 0.1 serving of housemate's smoothiebuckwheat berry breakfast. I had the same breakfast as yesterday except I cooked up a combination of grains that I can eat over the next few days:  forbidden rice, red quinoa, buckwheat and oat groats.   It was festive looking and yummy:

Forbidden rice is neat:  it's velvety black and smallish grains, very pretty.  It has a nice flavor.  I used 1/2 cup of the cooked grains, 8 oz of strawberries, 3 oz of blackberries, a couple spoonfuls of soy yogurt (about 1 oz).  I think I'll start putting flaxseed on this to make sure I get it on a regular basis.  I usually put seeds on my salads too but maybe I won't have a  salad every day.

snack while preparing lunch:  2 carrots, handful of sugar snap peas.

lunch, noon:  big pile of veggies:  fried onions, mushrooms, celery, fennel; added spices (cumin, cinnamon, graram masala, sweet curry), stirred; added cabbage, cauliflower, bok choy; cooked until reasonably tender; turned off the heat, added 1/2 cup beans, fresh herbs (cilantro, dill, a little mint) and the rest of my soy yogurt (about 4 oz).  A little soy or nut milk could replace the soy yogurt.  This was very good.

snack, 4 pm:  the rest of my lunch veggies, half a baked sweet potato

snack, 7 pm:  3 carrots, handful of sugar snap peas, handful of cherries

dinner, 9 pm:  big salad made from romaine lettuce, jicama, fresh herbs (cilantro, dill, mint), ground flaxseed, and d'angou pear vinegar.    some orange remainders.  dessert:  a big bowl of frozen peas and corn with d'angou pear vinegar.  may not sound like dessert but it's really good.

Weight:  126.2

Exercise:  too tired to exercise this morning.   bike commuted 14 miles.

  • I slept poorly last night.  I woke up hungry at 2:30 am.  I suspect it was the lack of seeds yesterday.   
  • I'm trying to add a little bit of starchy veggies and grains to my diet, to increase my calorie density and decrease my volume of veggies.  Today I did part 1, but habitually cooked up too many veggies for lunch and made too big a salad for dinner.  So I overate today.   Tomorrow and Wednesday I'll be too busy to do much food prep so that will be a good opportunity to teach myself to scale back on the veggie portions.
  • I didn't monitor calories.  I'm tired of doing that.


Kristi said...

Can you point me to a link of the Campbell stuff you are reading/

kneecap said...

Hi Kristi,

most recently I was listening to the Food Revolution Summit interviews by John and Ocean Robbins. I found all of the interviews interesting (except one). I paid for the "empowerment package" and there were some additional talks by Campbell. I also have bought a lot of the DVDs from the McDougall site, by Esselstyn, Campbell, and Novick.

In fact, I wanted to ask you a question based on something Novick was saying. He said that a major problem in the American diet is the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats. the 6/3 ratio is very high in oils and most nuts and seeds. and we have only so many enzymes available to process them. so even if you get enough omega-3s, if you eat too many omega-6's, your enzymes will get used up processing the omega 6s. so I'm wondering, would it be best for you to mostly eat the high omega 3 nuts and seeds? that would be walnuts, flax, chia, and hemp. I think pretty much everything else has really high 6-3 ratios. I'm curious what you think. there is so much conflicting information I'm not sure what to believe or what's really known.