Thursday, June 28, 2012

My current breakfast

I've blogged about a similar breakfast before, but since then I've tried other breakfasts and I think this is still my favorite:

It's rice, fruit and soy milk.  The rice is half brown, half forbidden rice.  I cook up a large batch every few days.  The fruit I buy fresh and freeze in a big bag:

I buy whatever looks good.  Lately it's been strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and bananas.  The soy milk is organic unsweetened non-GMO, e.g.,
A serving for me is about 1/2 cup rice, 1 cup fruit, 1/2 cup soy milk.  It's more on days when I think I need more, and less on days when I think I need less (depends on what follows breakfast).   

I tried oatmeal with fruit and didn't like it as much as this.  This is my version of cereal and milk I guess.   I like the chewy of the rice and the moisture of the milk and all the flavors.  Maybe I'm Chinese and just never knew it until now. :)


Patti said...

Hi -
I too have gravitated to plantbased no oil as in Esselstyn etc. Mostly because of the excellant blogger Happy Healthy Long Life.
I started out with Fuhrman way back on his old website. Too many nuts, too much fruit, always hungry.
Tired and cold, exactly. I stand all day, under stress in a big box pharmacy. My brain needs constant infusion of carbs to react correctly.
I grew up in Madison area and have family there. Including a sister who has large garden and can't get people in fall to help her pick all the winter squash she grows. I know Camrock park, beautiful place. My mother owns Katy's corner on main st Cambridge.
I live in Charlottesville VA so don't get back to Madison much.
You exercise so much I can see where you need the carbs to maintain high energy.

kneecap said...

HI Patti, nice to hear from you--and interesting how similar your story is to mine. If you ever get to Madison, look me up! I don't get to Charlottesville much these days though I have some friends and colleagues there. I visited there a few years ago. Lovely place!

Anonymous said...

Hi -
This is my first post here...I just wanted to drop a note to say that I have 'stolen' your rice breakfast idea, and I love it! The idea of rice instead of oatmeal just sounded right to me and this has become my daily breakfast dish. The only thing I do differently is add a heaping tablespoon of organic cocoa powder (for the antioxidants). Thanks for the inspiration.