Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 13

Day 31 of my "diet."   ooh, it's been a month!  Well, I've lost about 7 lbs so I can't complain.  Here are my food log, weight, exercise, and thoughts.

mini-breakfast, 7:30 am:  small salad, leftover from last night:  lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, topped with ground flaxseed, d'angou pear vinegar, herbs from the garden (mint, cilantro, dill).

after yoga main breakfast, 10:15 am, the usual multi-grains, strawberries (1/2 lb) and a few spoonfuls of soy yogurt.  a few carrots.

lunch, 12:30 pm, sugar snap peas; medium salad topped with jicama, garden herbs, d'angou pear vinegar; baked sweet potato.

dinner, 6 pm:  beans and grains.  
more dinner, 7:30 pm, a few carrots, a handful of cherries, a handful of snow peas, a few romaine lettuce leaves, some orange remainders, a few strawberries.

snack, 10 pm:  small bowl of sweet corn with d'angou pear vinegar.

Weight:  125.8

Exercise:  yoga class.  bike commute 14 miles.

  • I thought I was going to be home late so brought some dinner materials but I mis-remembered a meeting.  so I ate my beans and grains at the office, which was nice because I wasn't hungry on the ride home.  then I just nibbled on some stuff because I really needed to finish a book on which the essay I need to write by Sunday is based.
  • I bought my first container of local strawberries and boy are they good!  tomorrow's breakfast will be yummy
  • I woke up early the past two days because I was hungry, so decided a bedtime snack is okay and fun too.

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