Saturday, September 4, 2010

orange remainders

Okay, this post demonstrates how weird I've become. Here I am making orange juice for my housemate (not weird yet):

Here's the results: about 1 cup or orange juice, and the orange remainders from 4 small oranges (not weird yet):

Here's our respective meals (now it's getting weird):

I eat the rest of the oranges off their peel (i.e., don't eat the peels). I prefer this to eating a whole orange! It's fun to eat, not as intense and sweet as the whole orange, and I get to eat more. Now I look forward to making house-mate's orange juice! We might have the ideal juicer for this food because it doesn't disrupt the orange too much, just smashes it (and I purposely don't smash it all the way to leave a little juice for myself). I did a complicated calculation to determine the number of calories (measuring weights of original oranges, orange juice, and finished peels, subtracting weights of juice and peels from original, subtracting calories of juice from original orange minus peels) and determined that it's about 100 calories in the orange remainders for a 1 cup orange juice yield (4 small oranges, or 2-3 medium). It's similar to the amount of calories in the cup of juice. But it takes a lot longer to eat so the enjoyment per calorie is quite high.

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