Sunday, June 10, 2012

June 10

Day 28 of my "diet."   Here are my food log, weight, exercise, and thoughts.

breakfast, 9 am: 0.1 serving of housemate's smoothie; buckwheat berry breakfast.   I used 1/2 lb of strawberries and 3 oz of blackberries for the fruit.  

snack before swimming, 11 am:  1 lb carrots

snack during lunch prep,  2:30 pm:  1/2 lb sugar snap peas

lunch, 3:30 pm:  potatoes, veggies and yogurt.   yum!

snack, 6 pm:  some orange remainders while making housemate's OJ.  

dinner, 6:30 pm:  salad made from romaine lettuce, mushrooms marinated in date vinegar, fennel, 1/2 cup beans; topped with d'angou pear vinegar.  In the excitement of throwing everything together and meeting housemate on the deck for dinner, I forgot to add my flaxseed.  "Dessert" was potato skins from a small baked potato housemate had--she doesn't like the skin and I do.

snack, 9:30 pm:  1/2 cup peas, with dash of d'angou pear vinegar

Weight:  126.2

Exercise:  swim 1 mile, walk 0.7 miles.  

Nutritional information:  Calories 1424; protein 64 g (14%), fat 11 g (7%), carbs 298 (80%).

  • yikes, my fat content was really low today.  I didn't eat my seeds, will do so tomorrow.  that must be why I was hungry tonight too.  I usually am not hungry after dinner.
  • A friend and I are researching and experimenting with our diets.   We are having a lot of fun learning from each other and think we have some good ideas.  One thing I'm experimenting with is replacing some of my veggies, fruits and nuts and seeds with starches and grains.  I used to eat more this way and found it more satisfying and a lot less expensive.   I know a lot more now about how to make this healthy so I think I will come up with a very healthy and satisfying diet.   
  • oh, so I'm back to logging my food while experimenting because there's a lot to learn from doing this, about nutrients, what foods contribute what, caloric needs, protein and fat content, etc.

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