Sunday, June 3, 2012

June 3

Day 21 of my "diet."   Here's my food log, weight, exercise, and thoughts.

breakfast, 8-9 am:  0.1 serving of housemate's smoothie.   Nibbled on ingredients while preparing this cabbage salad for a potluck.  Nibbling is not the correct word as I ate quite a lot.  I also ate 1 lb of carrots.  I made changes to the cabbage salad (see below).

lunch at a potluck, about noon:  big serving of my cabbage salad; serving of barbecue collards and black beans brought by another nutritarian couple (it was excellent!);  and  small baked oriental yam that I brought along.  Interestingly, at dessert when they brought out a big cake (celebration), only one person at my table had a piece.

snack around 3 pm:  1/2 lb sugar snap peas (local!)

snack while fixing dinner:  unplanned for blueberries and raspberries.  they were too good!  about 1/3 lb total I reckon.  I also ate some orange remainders and a few bites of the guacamole I made for housemate.

dinner, 7 pm:  salad made from romaine lettuce (local), topped with strawberries and banana and soy yogurt.

Nutritional information:
Calories:  I don't know.  I started measuring when I was making the cabbage salad and then I didn't feel like doing it, so decided to go with my stomach today.

Weight:  127.2

Exercise:  mountain biked 1 hour, walked 1 hour.  extremely fun as usual.  (I should have been reading student's thesis though...)

  • I made a double-batch of the cabbage salad so we could have some at home.  I added jicama.  I replaced some of the lime juice with orange juice and added some seed mixture for thickening.  I think in the future I would replace all of the lime juice, maybe with orange juice and some spicy pecan vinegar, and keep the seed mixture for thickening.  Of course I also wonder how soy yogurt would taste in it.  that would be nice and creamy.  yes, this is my new experimental food.  Despite all my thoughts for variations, I thought the salad was quite good.  
  • my meal prep was easy today.  Well, the cabbage salad was a bit involved, but the food processor made it go pretty quickly.  I hardly chopped anything.
  • it sounds like I did very well today but I overate.  I ate more of the cabbage salad than I needed at both breakfast and lunch.  I couldn't resist the blueberries and raspberries at dinner.  All the berries are on special nowadays and they are superb tasting.  This week I'm going to have to go with blueberries and strawberries for breakfast.   I'm not overly full as I approach bedtime, but I quite sure I ate more calories than I needed to.  
  • The food is so good now.  We're getting lots of local stuff:  spinach, lettuce, kale, sugar snap peas.  The berries are from California but they are in peak season and really good.  It is a joyful time of year for eating!!!!  
  • I probably ate an entire avocado (from the cabbage salad and guacamole) so I didn't bother with nuts and seeds today.  I wasn't hungry anyway.   
  • I still want to lose a few lbs, maybe just 2, so I will get back to watching my amounts tomorrow.  It will be easy because as I mentioned two bullets ago, the local stuff and berries are so good now, and they are all pretty low calorie density.
  • tonight I made soy yogurt and a pot of beans for the week, both very easy to do.
  • Here is a picture of my beautiful dinner salad, before the yogurt is added:
  • here's the picture after:

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