Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 14

Day 32 of my "diet."    Here are my food log, weight, exercise, and thoughts.

Breakfast after jogging, 8 am:  bowl of spinach and greens while making housemate's smoothie; 0.1 housemate smoothie; bowl of grains and fresh local strawberries topped with a few spoonfuls of soy yogurt:

lunch, noon:  I made Rosemary, Mushrooms, Kale, and Sweet Potato, from the Straightup Food blog.   It was easy to make, though I think I would have preferred baking the sweet potato and frying up the kale and mushrooms with some onions and spices; but this was pretty good.  I also made a salad with lettuce, ground flaxseed, d'angou pear vinegar and strawberries.  Here's the kale recipe cooked up:
Here's the lunch served up with some fresh garden herbs to add as desired:

snack, 3 pm:  sugar snap peas.
snack, 5 pm:   small bowl of grains, beans and soy yogurt.
snack, 6:30 pm:  4 carrots (on the bike ride home)

dinner, 7:30 pm:  some orange remainders; same salad as lunch;  a bowl of jicama.  I added some herbs and d'angou pear vinegar to the jicama, then decided I didn't like the herbs so rinsed them off.  I real like jicama but it's easily overwhelmed by stronger flavors.  So I tend to prefer it all by itself.   Here's dinner:

snack, 9:45 pm: small bowl of peas and corn with a dash of d'angou pear vinegar.  I confess I wasn't hungry, but, it was good.

Weight:  125.6

Exercise:  ran 3 miles  bike commute 14 miles.

  • the local strawberries don't last long so I used them as a salad topping at lunch and dinner, in addition to breakfast.  
  • yummy food, easy to prep.  dinner prep, eating and cleanup took only 35 minutes!

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