Sunday, April 29, 2012

yummy breakfast and my love of homemade soy yogurt

Strawberries have been on special at my co-op for almost a month now and they are fabulous.  Thank you Driscoll farms!  They grow very sweet strawberries.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been making home-made soy yogurt and I just love it.  It fully satisfies all my creamy food desires.  I find the tart yogurt and sweet fruit mixture to be perfect.  I've been enjoying strawberries and yogurt for breakfast for weeks now.  Today I made it even better with the addition of buckwheat.  

Every day lately my eyes have glanced by the grain drawer in the fridge and I've been thinking I want to incorporate these more into my diet. I'm planning to sprout some grains and make some manna bread but haven't gotten around to it yet.  I've got some things I'd hardly ever eaten like buckwheat and amaranth.  Last night it occurred to me to try adding them to my strawberries and yogurt.  So I soaked 1/4 cup of buckwheat groats overnight.  This morning I rinsed them, added some more water and microwaved them for a minute, then let them cool a little, also added cinnamon to them.  (Ceylon Cinnamon is apparently really good for you so I'm keeping it out on the stove to remind me to add it to things.  I added it to my cooking beans today).  I added the buckwheat to my strawberries and yogurt and it was great!  It added a little crunchy taste.  Plus it added protein and calories for more staying power.  Total protein was 13 g, 3 from the strawberries, 5 from the soy yogurt, and 5 from the buckwheat.  Total calories 330.  Yum!

I never posted a picture of my yogurt maker which I love!  Here it is with two of the 7 jars of finished yogurt.

As an aside, here is a really quick lunch I made last week before going mountain bike riding.  I wanted energy and was in a hurry.  This was beans, banana, and yogurt.  not the most fabulous meal I ever made but it was good enough.  I should have added cinnamon and then it probably would have been fabulous.

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