Sunday, April 8, 2012

I'm not sure where to begin

My tooth hurts.  I got a temporary crown last week and have not been following doctor's orders to eat soft food.  I eat too many crunchy raw foods and it hurts the tooth and I get food in there and I'm worried it's getting infected. That's not what I was going to talk about but when I wondered where to begin, my face told me it was hurting.  so let's get started:

I've been enjoying home-made soy yogurt!   A group of us from the Fuhrman forums are exploring this and having much fun with it.  I got this yogurt maker.   It's so easy!  you just take a quart of unsweetened soy milk, mix in yogurt starter (this or this or 4 oz of unsweetened Whole Soy yogurt), pour into containers, turn on the machine, wait 8-12 hours, put the lids on and refrigerate.  It makes creamy tart yogurt, way better than store-bought.  I've been having it over strawberries and lettuce/spinach/kale for breakfast.  It is also great with frozen (or fresh, when in season) sweet cherries for a dessert.  It would probably be great in salad dressings and dips too.  I've never been a big fan of the silken tofu for this purpose because it is so flavorless.  But the soy yogurt adds a great flavor and creamy texture to foods. 

I've been reading up on sugar and refined grains.  I guess it's bad for you.  You probably knew that.  bummer.  But isn't it weird how everyone eats it all the time?  no, because it's addictive.  we're all addicted even after we give it up (I am anyway).  No wonder it's so hard to quit it.  here's a few articles about it:

I came across this health program run by a evangelical church that looks really good in my opinion.  It's called the Daniel plan. It cracks me up that one of the organizers is Dr. Daniel Amen.  I laugh every time I see his name.  Anyway they seem to cover all the bases, not just what to eat but the psycho/social issues.  It looks like a very supportive environment from which to learn from.  I think you could follow Dr. Fuhrman's eating program without conflicting much with the recommendations here.  There are a lot of good articles on all topics related to healthy lifestyle.  I actually tempted to sign up and find out more about the program, if it's free.  I am not sure how much religion is involved in the program--I'm not a conservative evangelical myself so I don't know how I'd react to it.  But there's only one way to find out, haha.

My interest in sugar led me to read some of Dr. Hyman's work.  A lot of his recommendations conflict with Dr. Fuhrman, and his recommendations for supplements seem overboard and expensive to me.  But there are some things that suit me, maybe even a little better than Dr. Fuhrman.  I plan to stick to Dr. Fuhrman's food recommendations but here are some of Dr. Hyman's recommendations that I may incorporate:
  • eat protein with every meal (for me that's beans, greens and soy yogurt).
  • limit the sugars and refined grains, including sweet fruits.  (these days I'm mainly eating 1 lb of strawberries a day because they are in season and on special at the store)
  • eat smaller meals more frequently (what?!)
  • don't eat within 3 hours of bed
The third one directly contradicts Dr. Fuhrman's recommendations.  Here is what I find appealing about it: 1)  I won't get too hungry or too full which physically and psychologically feels better for me;  2) socially, it's easier on me because people are always eating around me and I can snack on healthy things with them; and 3) it keeps the metabolism running higher which aids in weight loss.  Dr. Fuhrman would like you to keep your metabolism low to extend your life.  He wants you to live in the catabolic stage often for lots of cell repair to do its wonders.  I can verify that following Dr. F's recommendations lowered my metabolism because it made me cold all the time.  I think I'd prefer running a little warmer (sacrilege!).   I think I will try this out as an experiment.  Of course, I won't be posting this on the Fuhrman forums, haha.


Anonymous said...

I once ate a temporary crown, while eating tostadas.

Jasmin said...

it's fun that I made soy yogurt too and I love it as well :) I was so happy that it turned out so great!!

Shanna said...

Ultrametabolism was my first whole foods weight loss book. I lost 14 lbs very easily without exercising at all. It was the first time I went off coffee and felt so great without the highs and lows throughout the day. Unfortunately I didn't know anything about the true addictive nature of coffee and sugar and had one cup at a restaurant and that was it for me.

I have found only eating 3 times a day to be very freeing and get irritated when it doesn't work out that way through the day. I used to follow the "eat every 2.5 to 3 hours or lose muscle mass" school of thought and got sick of constantly eating and worrying about what healthy thing to eat next, like the whole day was spent eating! It really feels much calmer and healthier to me to just eat every 5 hours or so with defined beginnings and endings. In fact it is one question I would ask Dr. Furhman, in what time period should I finish my meal? I am often interrupted by my kids and wonder if I should just wait till the next meal instead of finishing. The time I came up with was 40 minutes, it just sounded right...

I love those sugar links!

kneecap said...

anonymous: ouch. well at least they are small.

Jasmin, cool!

Shanna, that's very interesting. Someone else has said the same thing, that they get sick less frequently without snacking. actually until I get my new crown I don't think I will be interested in snacking.

Shanna said...

Wierd that a chemo website copied part of my comment, I have never seen that particular form of spam before.

I was just reading "Thrive" by Brendan Frazier (sp?) and he talks about having a lower temp in chapter 2 but explains it differently than Dr. Furhman. I thought of you!

kneecap said...

Hi Shanna, yeah there's a few more of those chemo posts I need to delete.

interesting about brendan frazier's book. I'd like to hear more. is it worth a read?

Shanna said...

Oops, Brazier. It's good, more for athletes, so maybe you would like it more than me since I do very little exercise right now! I still gleaned some good stuff from it and the recipes sounded interesting even though I have a hard time following a recipe. I just got a bunch of inexpensive plant diet books at Half-Price books when I really wanted the full price ones on display at Whole Foods! You just never know where you will find some interesting tidbit of information that gives you that "Aha" feeling.

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you use any thickener when you make soy yogurt, or is it ok just with soymilk? And what kind of soymilk do you use? Thanks for your answer :)