Thursday, June 14, 2012

some quick and easy recipes

Here are some links to quick and easy recipes by Jeff Novick.  I'm not sure how good they are but they give an idea how to make a quick meal.  I bet with some dry-fried onions, and the right spices, you could make them taste even better:

also here is an interesting quote from JN's Facebook page:

‎"Shifting less than one day per week’s worth of calories
from red meat and dairy products to a plant-based diet achieves more 
greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction than buying all locally sourced food."

He linked to this book, The Locavore's Dilemma:  In Praise of the 10,000 mile Diet
which also looks interesting.  This might be a good challenge for me to read this.  I agree that in GHG terms, some long distance foods win, but local almost always wins when it comes to taste.   

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