Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1

Day 19 of my "diet."   Here's my food log, weight, exercise, and thoughts.

snack before exercise:  0.15 serving of housemate's smoothie.

breakfast, 10 am:  1 lb strawberries and homemade soy yogurt. 

snack, 11 am:  1 lb carrots (wasn't hungry, just wanted to eat).

lunch, 1 pm:  Jamaican Jerk lentil burger and steamed asparagus; beet/apple/carrot juice; a few crackers (Mary's) and some hummus type thing, not very much.  at Manna cafe.

dinner, 7 pm:  big plate of greens topped with homemade soy yogurt; baked oriental yam.  at a pub-type restaurant.  I ordered the big plate of greens and brought the rest.  

dessert on drive home:  blueberries (brought from home).

Nutritional information:
Calories:  ???   the food I supplied had 890 calories.   the plate of greens was probably had 50 calories.  the crackers and hummus?   I was well-behaved here (good for me!).  maybe 100.  the vegan burger?  cronometer puts a vegetarian sandwich with mayo and veggies at 365.   the beet/apple/carrot juice, that could have been as much as 200 calories.     so maybe I had  ~1600 calories?   more than usual but okay with me.  

Weight:  127.6

Exercise:  ran 3 miles.  

  • I worked with colleagues in Milwaukee today, about 90 miles away.  The Manna cafe is pretty good and I'd eat there again, occasionally.  Interestingly, I got that familiar tiredness from the old days (pre-healthy eating) after I ate the vegan burger.   The "burger" part was pretty clean so I'm thinking it was the "whole wheat" bun.  Am I wheat sensitive????    I felt back to normal a couple of hours later; sort of.  I still feel a bit yucky in my stomach 10 hours laters.
  • dinner worked perfectly.  I knew a plain salad was all I would find on the menu and I asked for lots of greens piled on a plate.  They did it perfectly, really piled on the greens!  they added a little raw onion and tomato.  I added my soy yogurt and it was delicious.  And my baked yam was great.  that is a great thing to bring to restaurants to add to the salad and provide calories.


Kristi said...

What are the logistics of the baked yam? Do you bring it in a container? A cooler? Do you eat it cut up? With or without skin? Sounds like a good restaurant food.

kneecap said...

HI Kristi,
well this might seem strange but I like it this way: I bake it in the oven (350 for an hour), let it cool a bit if possible, but okay if not; then wrap in foil and refrigerate until ready. I through it in a bag. then at the restaurant or potluck, just take it out and put it on my plate. I eat it like a burrito. the skin is kind of like the flour tortilla on the burrito. I eat it slowly often at the end of my meal so it's sort of like dessert. The oriental yams are very sweet and like dessert to me.

if you don't want to be so strange, you could eat it like a baked potato, cutting it open. you could bring cinnamon to add to it. the yogurt is good on it too.


kneecap said...

sorry I had a couple of typos: that's "throw" it in a bag. and I'd cool it for more than a bit if I have time. if you put it in foil and fridge right away, it gets a bit soggy. but it's still fine.