Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 31

Wow, last day of May.  It went by fast.  It was a fun spring month I'd say.

Day 18 of my "diet."   Here's my food log, weight, exercise, and thoughts.

snack before exercise:  0.15 serving of housemate's smoothie.

breakfast, 10 am:  1 lb strawberries and homemade soy yogurt. 

lunch, course 1, noon:  baked oriental yam.  yummy yummy yummy

lunch, course 2, 2 pm:  big bowl of stir-fried veggies:  onions, mushrooms, kale, bok choy, cauliflower, broccoli, cinnamon, cilantro, frozen peas added at end.

dinner, course 1, 7 pm:    carrots (1 lb), sugar snap peas (1/2 lb).

dinner, course 2, 8 pm:  giant salad:  romaine lettuce, cabbage, seed mixture,  date vinegar.

Nutritional information:
Calories: 1326; protein 61 g; fiber 76 g.

Weight:  126.6

Exercise:  swim 1 mile.  bike commute 10 miles.

  • I'm eating less calories than usual, not sure why.  I could have added beans to my dinner salad but just didn't feel like it.    I love my dinner salad just how it is. 
  • the lunch veggies were really good.  I stir-fried without water or oil!  I started with the onions added to a hot pan.  they sizzle and brown a bit and then release their liquid.  the other veggies have liquid too, especially the mushrooms.   just enough to keep it from getting too dry.  I looked for some chinese 5-spice mixture but didn't have any so I used cinnamon.  I'll have to pick up some of this spice next time I'm near Penzey's.  
  • food prep was easy today.  I might be on to something here.  oh, next time I won't do quite so many veggies at lunch and that will make it go faster--I got a little over-enthusiastic today.
  • tomorrow I eat in a restaurant twice.  I will actually eat their food in one.  in the other I will eat mostly mine in my usual stealth way (order a plain salad and add my own calories).  I plan to go off plan a little in the first restaurant; or you could say on-plan since my plan allows for a small amount of off-plan food.  I guess I need to think of another phrase for planned off-plan, ha.  stay tuned!

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